Artifact of the Week — February 8, 2024

Posted by on February 8, 2024

Black Heritage Celebration, February 22

In celebration of Black Heritage Month, Old Independence Regional Museum is hosting a dinner along with an intriguing presentation.

Dinner at the Museum
Dinner at the Museum

The dinner will be specialty meals in the spirit of Rosetta Petty. We cannot truly call them Rosetta’s chicken spaghetti and cinnamon rolls because, as everyone in Batesville of a certain age remembers, nobody cooked like Rosetta.

Our speaker will be Dr. Jennifer Wallach. Dr. Wallach came to our attention as we were diving deep into our “A Taste of Community” exhibit when an article was stumbled upon that captivated us. The writing was magnificent and the story was perfect for the Smithsonian heading: “Slavery in American Agriculture”. Cathy Shonk reached out to Dr. Wallach, and, to our amazement, she responded shortly thereafter not only agreeing to write the paragraph for the Smithsonian/Old Independence Regional Museum exhibit, but also to speak at our Black Heritage Month dinner!

Home Cooking
Home Cooking

Join us in welcoming Dr. Wallach on February 22, 2024. She will speak at 6:30 on the African American influence on cuisine in the United States.

Beforehand, join us at 5:30 for a fine meal of chicken spaghetti with a side salad, cinnamon rolls, and iced tea for the fantastic price of $20.00 apiece. Please call 793-2121 to reserve your seat. We want to fill the museum with folks who fondly remember Rosetta Petty as well as those who enjoy a great southern specialty meal.

Rosetta's Recipe Book
Rosetta’s Recipe Book

Nelson Barnett donated this cookbook compiled by Rosetta’s niece, who admits that while we have the recipes, they just won’t taste the same. Thank you, Nelson! We appreciate this taste of Batesville’s history!

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