Artifact of the Week — December 7, 2023

Posted by on December 7, 2023

Quilt Walk 2023

Old Independence Regional Museum is showcasing over a dozen quilts this year in its second annual quilt walk. Browse the shop windows down Main Street and read the interesting stories behind the quilts. For instance, 143 East Main Street, Etta’s Attic, houses a classic Friendship quilt with a twist: Virginia Shanks was a schoolteacher in Batesville for 42 years. As a Christmas present from her daughter, she had her mother’s West Batesville Elementary School third graders’ names embroidered on each square as they were written by her students.

Friendship quilts were popularized during the mid-1800s when families were packing their worldly goods and moving west. Their family and friends would often come together and create a quilt, each person responsible for an individual square. Embroidered on the square was the individual’s written name who created the square. Before the family departed for the west, they were presented with this friendship quilt. The family could then look back with fondness at the quilt and remember the love that went into this object that physically and mentally warmed them.

Sara Galvin Quilt
Sara Galvin Quilt

This quilt is from Sara Galvin, who donated it to the museum. We thank Sara for her generosity and hope you are able to enjoy her quilt as you walk down Main Street.

Please come by the museum to see more stunning examples of quilts. A list of the businesses housing our quilts along with an explanation of each quilt will be available to anyone who wishes to visit the museum and request one. We will see you at the museum!

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