Artifact of the Week — November 30, 2023

Posted by on November 30, 2023

Tea Time

The Maxfield Store was renowned as one of the mercantiles in early Batesville history where patrons flocked from bordering states to purchase and sell their goods. One of the larger items sold at Maxfield’s was Banner Buggies.

Banner Buggies Sign
Banner Buggies Sign

These versatile buggies originally looked more like what we would consider chariots: a two-wheeled vehicle propelled by a horse with room for one person. As time progressed, the buggy transformed into a slightly more versatile two-seater model with four wheels. This was the version sold at The Maxfield Store. Apparently the store was quite adept at selling these vehicles because Banner Buggies lauded the Maxfields’ skills by presenting them with a silver-plated tea set consisting of a tray, sugar container, creamer, and, most importantly, the teapot. All are adorned with the Banner Buggies name and logo.

Item from Banner Buggies Tea Set
Maker’s Mark on bottom of Tea Pot

Old Independence Regional Museum was given this tea set by Anne Strahl, and we are grateful. You can see this stunning tea set accompanied by a large Banner Buggies sign beginning in January when OIRM and the Smithsonian Institution present “A Taste of Community”.

Actual Silver Tea Set
Actual Silver Tea Set

We are also planning a tea party at some time during the exhibit’s 18-month run. Stay tuned for details!

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