Artifact of the Week — November 3, 2022

Posted by on November 3, 2022

For the month of November and once a month henceforth, Old Independence Regional Museum will focus on one of our many supporters. These individuals have donated their time, talents, and treasures to build OIRM into what it represents today. We are truly blessed and thankful these individuals have chosen to share the richness of their lives to help OIRM and the surrounding communities to thrive.

Sylvia Rich Crosby
Sylvia Rich Crosby

Sylvia Rich Crosby was born in Forrest City to Walter Raleigh Rich and Stella Mae Rush Rich. She was a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Her voice was renowned for being lovely, and she sang in the choir to great delight of others.

Sylvia’s husband, Keller, took her hunting whenever possible. Sylvia loved hunting and dreamed of seeing the elks in Boxley Valley, Arkansas.

Kenny Gerhardt: My wife and I conduct estate sales. If we had a sale with a collection of quilts worn around the edges but still in good condition we would ask the family if they were willing to donate them to the museum so Sylvia could work her magic and repurpose them, maybe making a bear, casserole carrier and angels, and people were always happy to do so! One time I gave her a quilt and she crafted a table runner out of it for me and then made angels out of the rest of the quilt to sell in the gift shop.  Last year my wife and I gave a quilt to the angel project and many angels were made to remember our friend Sylvia.  She was a grand person, loved by many!!

Alan Bufford: Sylvia was a true friend and a dedicated supporter of the museum. She served tirelessly in many capacities — from volunteer docent to community advocate to leadership via service on the board of trustees. Using one of her many personal talents, Sylvia contributed to the museum’s gift shop in a most memorable and unique way — by creating decorative angels from well worn hand-pieced quilts she found at yard sales. Her individualized and colorful angels were gifted to the museum and sold in the museum shop. Sylvia’s angels quickly became coveted Christmas tree decor through the area.

To that end, OIRM continues in Sylvia’s honor to create these sweet Christmas ornaments. Once a year, a group of volunteers meet at the museum for a day of camaraderie and memories as we create quilted angels for the museum’s gift store. Feel free to join us on November 17 from 10:00 – 1:00 as we reminisce and piece together these genuine signs of giving. Sylvia, we are so very thankful for ALL your gifts freely given and your talents generously shared over the decades of your service. Your memory lives on in the heart and in the spirit of our museum!

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