Artifact of the Week — May 25, 2023

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Badges from J. Fred Maxfield’s illustrious Batesville career

J. Fred Maxfield was the son of Martha and Charles Wesley (C.W.) Maxfield, one of Batesville’s founding families. This collection of three badges represents the community service he provided for the citizens of Batesville, including his Batesville Fire Department badge, in which he rose to the rank of captain, his Deputy Sheriff of Independence County badge, and his Mayor of Batesville badge.

Badges from J. Fred Maxfield’s illustrious Batesville career
Badges from J. Fred Maxfield’s illustrious Batesville career

OIRM is honoring our military personnel this month with a display in our atrium of the military insignia of our local heroes. This weekend we hosted our Rick Finley Day with a small exhibit of Rick’s memorabilia and thought it appropriate to honor those veterans of varied branches of service with a cabinet display in the atrium. We thank our citizens who stopped by this Saturday to honor Rick Finley and invite everyone to come by to see both exhibits.

J. Fred Maxfield lived from 1897 – 1970. He was an avid hunter with his father, Charles. Hunting apparel and his double-barrel shotgun are also cared for by the museum, but these items are not currently displayed. His hometown training was rewarded with a marksmanship medal during his military career.

Mr. Maxfield was a graduate from the Western Military Academy, served his country during World War I, and was active in the Arkansas State Guard from 1942-1944.

He and his wife, Effie, had two children, Linda and Lucy Anne. Anne Maxfield Strahl generously donated the majority of the J. Fred Maxfield items in OIRM’s collection, and we are grateful to have this integral part of Batesville’s history.

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