Artifact of the Week — March 23, 2023

Posted by on March 23, 2023
Maxfield Park
Maxfield Park

Danny Dozier

Many of you recognize Danny as a guitar riffing musical magician, but far fewer realize how instrumental Danny was in the beautiful Maxfield Park created behind the old Maxfield store (now Main Attire). It was during the groundwork on the park that Danny made an archeological discovery – a huge collection of assorted bottles from the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company located adjacent to where the park currently resides. Records indicate the bottling company tossed out its culls to the pit that eventually became Maxfield Park. Danny was able to salvage approximately 200 complete bottles he sold to raise money for the park.

As many of us prepare our gardens for spring planting, be aware of what is under your feet. Batesville has a rich history of 200 years of pioneers and an even longer history of Native American habitation. Old Independence Regional Museum has a growing selection of many archeological artifacts from across our region ranging from Native American pottery from the Mississippian era to 200-yer-old ceramic potsherds dating from the time Batesville was first settled. March is Arkansas Archeology Month; if you are interested in showcasing any of your finds at the museum, please bring them by. We would be glad to share any information you have on the items you bring, and you are welcome to either loan them to the museum or gift them to us.

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