Artifact of the Week — March 9, 2023

Posted by on March 9, 2023

Arkansas Historical Quarterly collection

Sue Richmond donated a very close to complete set of the Arkansas Historical Quarterlies dating from 1946 to 2004. The bound volumes were originally at an Arkansas high school and Sue purchased them from Mike Polston. Sue dives into eBay for old Arkansas Historical Quarterlies List and Confederate Veteran Magazine issues. Sue uses these books as reference materials for her personal historical research. Sue loves to visit Old Independence Regional Museum in search of local stories of the land in her hometown. 

We chose to temporarily store these beautiful books under the picture of Charlotte Barnett Grace, who dedicated a lot of time writing articles for these quarterlies. Sue donated these bound volumes on behalf of Rosemary Osborne Catton and Maxine Latting, whom she knows because they are friends and neighbors from Cord, Arkansas. Rosemary and Maxine have been great friends for a long time and spread their love of education and their community to all who care to listen. We thank Rosemary and Maxine for their educational contribution to our area, and we are grateful to Sue for her generous contribution. When you are ready to research Independence County’s past, visit our newest contribution!

Arkansas Historical Quarterlies dating from 1946 to 2004
Arkansas Historical Quarterlies dating from 1946 to 2004

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