Artifact of the Week — August 11, 2022

Posted by on August 11, 2022
Dr. Sam Taggart's Book
Dr. Sam Taggart’s Book

Last week Dr. Sam Taggart donated a book to the Independence County Historical Society. In turn, Robb Roberts of the Historical Society donated the book to the Old Independence Regional Museum.

Dr. Taggart is a retired family physician from Benton, AR. He and others recognized a need to preserve the histories and stories of country doctors beginning 200 years ago up to current day. To that end, he wrote and Dr. J. P. Bell added and created photographs of two centuries of physicians and how they practiced medicine. Dr. Taggart is also in the midst of writing a companion book entitled “Tell Me you Doctor Stories”.

Dr. Taggart will be speaking at the Old Independence Regional Museum on October 1, 2022, during our “Potions to Poisons” presentation in conjunction with our Homesteading Series. The class – including Dr. Taggart’s talk – is $10. Class begins at 9:00 and ends at 12:00. Please call 793-2121 in advance if you are interested in attending. More details are forthcoming.

This item is in the process of being accessioned. 

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