Artifact of the Week — November 14, 2019

Posted by on November 14, 2019
art deco sconce from the Landers Theater
art deco sconce from the Landers Theater

Above is an art deco wall light or sconce from the Landers Theater.  Known as the naked lady, the sconce is about 44″ from top to bottom.  The top and bottom of the sconce feature a frosted globe, housing a blue light. At the top and bottom of each sconce is a brass decorative piece.  The backing of the sconce is a cream colored metal.  On each side are fixed covers held in place by decorative screws that house 5 red lights and 1 white light.  The central feature is the “pearlized” cream colored naked lady standing on a pedestal.  She stands in a semi-circular metal backing, also held in place by decorative screws.  Underneath the backing of the sconce are 3 switches, which do not seem to regulate anything.

This light is currently on display in the Cleo Southerland Theater at the Old Independence Regional Museum.

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