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School Connection

Step into History

 When you visit Old Independence Regional Museum your group will have the opportunity to explore our regions rich cultural heritage. Your tour will begin at our map, will involve 4 to 5 stops, and may include the following themes:
gas pump with visitors 
In our Region on the Move exhibit students will discover how travel in our region has evolved over time. The tour will focus on wagon, train, and automobile travel. It features a 1940s Springfield covered wagon and a 1930s gas station and gravity gas pump.  gas station

Our Shawnee Room explores Native American life in our region. This part of the tour examines the culture of the Shawnee who settled in present day Yellville, AR. 
time of encounter

Early 1900's Courthouse Chest contains artifacts and information about the town officials and their functions.  See how the town and courthouse functioned one hundred years ago. 
courthouse cabinet

The 1930s Depression Era Back Porch highlights what life was like for families in our region during the Great Depression. We will discuss how people made do and the role children played in the family. 
cabin porch

The exhibit on the Civil War explores secession, the War and Reconstruction, and reunions of the conflict. A scrapbook containing several primary documents, in the form of letters between a Civil War soldier and his family and receipts, is available for students to examine. 
Civil War Room

In the community building and recreation section of the tour, students will be asked to consider how communities were formed. What are the things that brought people together: business, school, church, etc.? What did people do for fun? 

Historic Games

Exclusively for school groups booking in April May and September October, Old Independence Regional Museum is offering a new historic toys and games program. What did children do to pass the time before television, the internet, iPods, video games, and even radio? Discover toys and games that were made at home from materials that were readily available and learn how they helped children learn skills that they would use throughout life.;
mary miller

Scheduling A Tour

Please schedule your tour two weeks in advance. This allows us enough time to properly prepare for your groups experience. When calling to schedule, we will need the name of the school, a contact name and phone number, fax number, e-mail address, number of children and adults in the group, the amount of time you would like to spend at the museum and if your group has any special needs. Call 870-793-2121 to arrange for tours. 
amanda churning butter

Gift Shop

 Please make plans to visit our museum gift shop. We carry a variety of fun and educational items priced for a students pocket book. For you convenience, our gift shop personnel will package and label your students purchases and keep them at the front desk during your tour. At the end of the tour one of your teachers will pick up the students packages and distribute them at a time that suits you. Click here to learn more about our gift shop.
gift shop

Living History Outreach

The Museum has living histrory characters who dress and react as persons from a different era.  Shown are the characters Emily Weaver and Pearl Taylor.

Emily Weaverpearl taylor living history

Call the museum at 870-793-2121 for information about arranging a living history visit at the museum or your school.

In late 2011 the musuem hosted civil war interpreters.

"Civil War Interpreters

Group Program Guide 2021 - 2022

You will need adobe acrobat reader or equivalent to read the program guide at the following link:

Group Program Guide 2021-2022

You can apply for a free admission school tour using the following form:
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